Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lear cover-up

Though it will still feature the eye-gouging of Gloucester, the poisoning of Regan and other assorted tragic fates that befall its characters, the PBS broadcast of "King Lear" will avoid offense to delicate sensibilities by hiding the nudity in a scene with Ian McKellen, who plays the title role.

Every Inch a King, But No Nudity in PBS's "Lear" (New York Times)
The writer, Dave Itzkoff, means for that sentence (and the headline) to amuse the reader, no?

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Slywy said...

Love nudity. Hate violence. Would rather see a bare butt than an eye gouging! But then I haven't seen much Shakespeare.

(CAPTCHA: howsrea)

Jai said...

Every inch, eh? Well, you never know. I've heard my fair share of innocent remarks that become much more amusing in my head. We may be able to assume that the editor missed the headline's humor, at least.

Also - I don't know if you know this - but decent people are stitched straight into an elbows-to-knees "modesty sack" that cannot be removed and is constructed from hardy, fibrous stock. It is only a very small impediment to bathing; even the drying sequence is but a small and necessary unpleasantness. How else can the chaste be assured that they will not one day see their own nudity? They will not have to share in that horror, no sir!

As for seeing the nudity of another human, well, that is akin to rape! I shan't stand for it!

Crritic! said...

Sir Ian may be disappointed that there won't be a permanent record of the whole performance for future generations to enjoy.

I saw this production in Melbourne and came away very impressed with his um, talents. In every way.