Friday, January 16, 2009

Ellen Lupton on writing

Ellen Lupton, in an essay on teaching writing to graphic-design students:

[M]any young designers are wondering if their own college English courses were tough enough to prepare them for real-world writing tasks such as bidding for jobs, justifying design solutions, delivering presentations and marketing their work. Even routine email communication requires command of the written language. (Some of my students seem to believe that just because they can't spell, their employers won't be able to, either.)

Writing 101: Visual or Verbal? (AIGA Journal of Design)
(via Design Observer)

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Jai said...

Being able to communicate ideas and problems clearly and concisely is integral to a smooth and enjoyable graphic design experience -- for both the employee and the employer. I tend to feel that it's much worse when the client / employer is unable to do so than if the artist cannot, but (To abuse a metaphor) this is a candle that absolutely should not be burned at either end.