Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi (and Lois) tech

Last week, the Flagstons sat in their living room watching a wood-grained grey television set. On Inauguration Day, the living room held a flat-screen television. And now it's gone. Perhaps it was a rental?

In today's living room (whose curtains, by the way, have lost their spots), the television, tucked away in a corner, appears to be of a still-older design (as does Thirsty Thurston). Nothing too surprising here: the Flagstons have changed refrigerators twice in the past four months. (Thanks, Jai, for pointing out that second new fridge.)

Elsewhere in today's living room, Hi is talking on an LPhone, whose name derives not from Lois' telephone habits but from the L-shaped dock. Note that the keypad changes as you talk. Sweet.

The strangest bit of Hi (and Lois) tech in the room is that light switch, resembling no known light switch.

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Slywy said...

Maybe the flat screen was obtained at Circuit City.


Jai said...

I'm not sure why there's a curly telephone cord coming from the L-dock, since that's the only end in evidence despite Hi being "on the phone". If it weren't curly, I'd just think it led to an electrical outlet or a low telephone jack. Perhaps Hi is using a walkie-talkie? It explains why he's holding it to the front of his face (I wanted to say "to his mouth", but that's not exactly where his mouth is) and not to his ear. In fact, the connection between the L-dock and the handset is entirely suspect -- how does the handset stay on the dock (Which even slopes down)? Magnets?

That light switch is amazing. It's so very close to being a light switch, but so very clearly has parted ways with common switch design. It's subtle, though; I wouldn't have noticed it. I did notice that the background floor's gone off somewhere else for the first panel.

Michael Leddy said...

Circuit City -- good one, Slywy! Maybe they bought this new-old TV there too?

Jai, I thought magnets went without saying. : )

Anonymous said...

"I'm too young to be out of it"

LOL I quoted the song lyric 'how do we sleep when our beds are burning?' an few weeks back at work and all but one other person had NO CLUE what I was on about. I felt SO old!