Thursday, January 1, 2009

Economies of time (Hi and Lois)

Everyone's economizing: in Hi and Lois, months now have twenty-eight (or fewer?) days.

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Slywy said...

Those are long weekends in February.

Jai said...

Seven days a week, at least!

The refrigerator is interesting, too. It's a different refrigerator that we've not seen before (As was expected), but there is only a handle for the fridge portion and not the freezer. I don't think I've ever seen a model that has one outer handle and one recessed one.

Hi's immediate and enthusiastic desire that Lois do all of the planning for their future is no surprise, but the "pencil" he's holding is a small mystery. It definitely has pencil colorings (And makes sense to use when writing on a calendar), but the tip looks like the end of a paintbrush or the nib of a calligraphy pen. Or, at best, a very odd job of whittling the pencil's end down (And Hi doesn't seem the type to not use a sharpener). It looks a little like a candle, as well.

Anonymous said...

So every month is now February. What a gloomy prospect.

Michael Leddy said...

Perhaps the longer February days make the Hi and Lois calendar add up to 365 days?

Yes, it is a different refrigerator. And it looks as though the Flagstons have removed their kitchen counters. And that "pencil"! That's the problem with Hi and Lois: once you start looking, there's no end to it.

Speaking of which: perhaps the freezer opens from the other side.

Take a look, by the way, at the "cell phone" in today's strip.

macon d said...

Calvin and Hobbes' world was a better world. A smarter, more prophetic world. Would that Watterson hadn't stopped.