Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 first-sentences meme

I'm not much for memes, but I like this one, which I found at Robert Gable's aworks: go through your 2008 blog entries and and collect the first sentence from each month. It's an exercise in parataxis. Thus:

Small calendars for the new year, well designed and free. Alas, it's a parking area that's reserved. Victoria's Secret likes to ask in its marketing, "What is sexy?" Whoso would be a G-Man must be a pencil user, as Emerson might have put it. A light cigarette is like a regular one with a pinhole in it. In April, Odette at Reading Proust in Foxborough linked to a fine post from On-Screen Scientist, detailing one reader's initial inspiration for reading Proust: the words of 1950s quarterback Ronnie Knox, as quoted in the November 3, 1958 issue of Sports Illustrated. In eraserdom, black is the new pink. Our attention spans are notoriously short. September 1, 2008 is the day Hurricane Gustav made landfall. It's "Main Street." What if he loses? The Simpsons razz Apple: "Oh, such beautiful packaging!"
"Victoria's Secret" is from a Wall Street Journal article; "A light cigarette," from a New Yorker piece by David Sedaris; "Our attention spans," from Gordon Livingston's Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart. The final sentence quotes Lisa Simpson. The other sentences are mine.

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