Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The cabinet of Hi and Lois

I don't want to keep going with Hi and Lois, but I must. (If nothing else, close-reading Hi and Lois offers a break from the looniness of the real.)

Today's strip reminds me of the children's game of spotting the differences between pictures. Did the same hand draw both panels?

[Hi and Lois, September 2, 2008.]

The curtains shorten.

The window panes widen.

The glazing bars shrink. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

The painting (a Cy Twombly?) shrinks and moves up and away.

Lois's shirt is on backwards. (Kidding.)
Note too that the window sill does not follow the slant of the wall — more disturbingly so in the second panel. The Flagstons must be living in a German Expressionist suburb, next door to the Caligaris.

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Elaine Fine said...


Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, kind reader!

j said...

I could just look at Hi and Lois, but I enjoy the annotated Hi and Lois so much more. :)

ArtSparker said...

I read that there is a version of Garfield in which Garfield has been removed, so his owner is just addressing (generally self-loathing) comments to the empty air.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, J. At least today they have the glazing bars right.

ArtSparker, thanks for reading and commenting. These posts will point you in the general direction.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and what child would scribble 9 minus 2 on the wall?