Saturday, September 20, 2008

Domestic comedy

"That bathroom has a dearth of toilet paper. That's the opposite of a plethora — a dearth."

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Anonymous said...

I love this and will work it into my own family's usage.

We like to say, on laundry day, that we are, "flush with socks." We often encounter the dearth of toilet paper situation but had not (yet) phrased it so eloquently.


Michael Leddy said...

Hi Diana,

I like "flush with socks." With socks I'm happy to match up a pair.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Flush with socks is when, out of desperation, I have finally decided to toss the whole pile of mismatches onto the bed and... match. It's like Christmas!

JuliaR said...

I don't have many obsessions but keeping lots of toilet paper in the house is one of them. I have have to have an unopened package of 24 rolls in abeyance at any given time, and then at least another 24 rolls, deployed around the house and split among the three bathrooms. There is never a dearth of t.p. at my house!

Michael Leddy said...

I guess then that you're flush with toilet paper, huh?

I inherited some of that attitude from my parents, who always have lots of extra stuff on hand — canned goods, paper products. The influence of the Great Depression, I think.