Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Domestic comedy

"Have we ever seen John Malkovich in a movie that was any good?"

"Being John Malkovich."

"Besides that one: he was just playing himself."

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JuliaR said...

I heard he was good in "Of Mice and Men" but I confess, I have not seen it. (Apropos of that, I have read all of Steinbeck's collected letters and they may be more interesting than his books.) I liked Malkovich in "Empire of the Sun" and even "In the line of fire". But maybe he is more interesting in person than at work?

Michael Leddy said...

I think the only movie I've seen him in besides Being John Malkovich is something called The Convent (not good). We were talking, Elaine and I, about whether to see Burn After Reading.

JuliaR said...

Well, the ads make it look like fun, and it IS the Coen brothers.

Michael Leddy said...

I guess I'll see it—I've never seen a Coen movie that I didn't love. I'm curious to see George Clooney (after O Brother), and I always like seeing Frances McDormand.