Friday, September 5, 2008

Five bloggers blogging

Five bloggers, posting pretty regularly, and always interesting to me:

Musical Assumptions Elaine Fine (yes, Mrs. Orange Crate Art) on music and culture.

Notes of an Anesthesioboist T. is an English major turned anesthesiologist turned oboist, writing about medicine with great compassion and insight.

Relative Esoterica Trombonology's astute, evocative commentary on film, jazz, and popular song.

Submitted For Your Perusal Matt Thomas' New York Times digests almost always point me to items I'd otherwise overlook.

(what is this?) Angela has a great eye for ephemera. From her Blogger Profile list of interests: "flea markets, memory, ruins."
And one more:
The Daily Dish Andrew Sullivan's day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and sometimes minute-by-minute commentary on culture and politics.
[On the Internets, five, like ten, is a magic number, right?]

[Update, September 9: Save for a reader-contributed photograph, there's been nothing posted to The Daily Dish since Sunday night. I hope all's well with Andrew Sullivan and that he's back soon.]

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gelci72 said...

Thanks, Michael! I'm totally honored.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged. Coming from someone whose blog I read regularly, this means a lot.

Elaine Fine said...

Even though I am in the unique position to tell you this in person, I'm honored too. (I also take special pride in having introduced you to t's blog).

Trombonology said...

Thank you, Michael. I greatly appreciate your endorsement.

– Elizabeth

gelci72 said...

Elaine - it's about 12:40 in the morning and the O.R. just finished what I hope was its last case for at least another several hours. I can never sleep right away, so I peruse my homes away from home in the blogosphere...and when I saw what you wrote here, my heart swelled up with emotion and I found myself feeling somewhat less cadaverous. THANK YOU from this tired little anesthesioboist to a musician, teacher, and writer I deeply admire! You and Michael are a special couple.

Michael Leddy said...

I'm glad you all saw this post. Great story, T. Now back to work! : )