Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quelle nuit!

[For people of the future (as the poet Ted Berrigan called them) wondering what this post is about: it's from the night of the Indiana and North Carolina presidential primaries.]

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Elaine Fine said...

Yes, we can! What an exciting moment this is!

Anonymous said...

You think that the Energizer Bunny will keep on going (until August!), or will she pack it in?

Michael Leddy said...

A senior person from the Clinton campaign has said that there will be a nominee by June 15. Translation: she'll be dropping out. My guess is that she'll go on for now to try to bring in money (her website this morning asked people to donate $5 — kinda pathetic).

At some point she'll need to think about her place in history — if she's not going to be the first female president, maybe she can play a significant role in getting Obama elected. I hope though that they don't offer her the vice-presidency.