Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Mother's Day card with damn on it

When Elaine brought this item to my attention in the card aisle last night, I wondered, "Who would buy a Mother's Day card with damn on it?" And I realized: I would.

There's more to this Mother's Day card than meets the eye — literally. Open it, and you'll hear a "violin" playing "Home, Sweet Home." The music comes from a chip in the card, not from the deep emotion the card stirs in the reader. The card's inner message pays tribute to the kindness and thoughtfulness of the maternal addressee, affirming that she is "special as all hell." And then: "Happy Mother's Day!"

I'm fairly certain that in getting a card with damn on it, I'm getting my mom something that she doesn't already have. My mom does have a fine sense of humor, so I'm also fairly certain that she'll enjoy this card. Hell, I'm sure of it.

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