Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Slate has a feature today on procrastination: Just Don't Do It. I like what Emily Yoffe's twelve-year-old daughter tells her mom about procrastination:

"Mom, you sit down to go to work, then you go to the bathroom, then you walk Sasha, then you say you're checking one last e-mail. You take a lot of breaks, Mom. You say you don't get any work done after I get home from school, but I'm 12, and I don't bother you anymore. Then you'll have so much work, you work 15 hours a day and you don't even come down to dinner. You've got to balance it out."
Kid's smart.

In my battle with procrastination, I've found two strategies especially helpful: working with breaks and reminding myself of how grateful my future self will be when x (whatever x might equal) is done.

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Lee said...

Good suggestion. I'm going to try it with my writing and will report the results.

However, procrastination can be creative, too.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes: Structured Procrastination.

I like "loafing" (Walt Whitman), but when it comes to grading papers, procrastination just makes the inevitable work seem more and more impossible.