Thursday, May 29, 2008

Online comics

My local newspaper is dropping its daily Doonesbury and Peanuts. The editor assures us though that we will still be able to read Peanuts on Sundays.

What the editor of course cannot mention is that one can read just about any strip online. The Washington Post, for instance, offers a great selection, including Mark Trail and Zippy the Pinhead. Something for everyone!

[Above, a recent scene from Mark Trail. Note the misplaced speech balloon: it appears that Bill is replying.]

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brownstudy said...

The Houston Chronicle also has a good comics page. They don't have everything (no Lio, no Pickles), but it's a decent selection:

But what's better is they let you build your own comics page that you can bookmark. Very convenient:

Michael Leddy said...

Great link — thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend Lio. I'm not really a comics fan, but I read that strip every single day.