Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two tales of tech support

Mozy is an online backup service. I've had a free Mozy account for several years, first with a Windows computer and now with a Mac. I recently ran into a minor problem after backing up my hard drive — I'll omit the details — and e-mailed Mozy tech support early on New Year's Eve. Twenty-five minutes later — on New Year's Eve! — I had a reply with two ways to solve the problem.

Technorati is an online service that tracks blog content via tags, making posts available to interested readers. Alas, Technorati's ability to index posts is often spotty. A glance at the user forum suggests that Technorati tech support is also spotty, with numerous requests for help unanswered or given a form response. My Technorati problems are ongoing and show no sign of being resolved. One persevering blogger has been asking for help almost daily since September 2007, with no reply.

Which company do you think has the brighter future?

[An aside: If you'd like to try Mozy, with a free 2GB account or a larger paying account, e-mail me, and I'll send you my referral code, which will give each of us an extra 256MB for free. If you'd like to try Technorati, good luck.]

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