Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Moleskine customer experience

When I tore the shrinkwrap from my 2008 Moleskine pocket planner on New Year's Day, I knew things weren't right. The elastic band that holds the planner closed was slack, and the silk ribbon that keeps the date was badly frayed at the end, with threads already pulling away through the ribbon's length. Neither of these problems might've been obvious to a casual user, but I'm a bit fanatical about my Moleskines.

And Moleskine srl is a company that understands. Every Moleskine notebook and planner comes with a pamphlet that includes a quality-control number and this statement:

Every notebook is handmade and it has been carefully checked for quality. If, despite our best efforts, we have overlooked a defect of any kind, please let us know.
All the company asks for is an e-mail message with the quality-control number and a digital photo. In exchange: "We will send you a new notebook."

On January 4, I e-mailed Moleskine srl about my planner. I received a reply that same day. Two weeks later a new planner arrived from Milan. That's a company that treats its customers well. Grazie!

(Srl? Società a responsabilità limita, private limited company.)

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ruffa jamaica said...

yea.. Moleskine really is true to their word..they also replaced mine when i e-mailed them about the defect of mine.. :)