Monday, January 21, 2008

Art Garfunkel's library

Since June 1968, Art Garfunkel has read 1,023 books. From the January 28 New Yorker:

He has been recording their particulars neatly on sheets of loose-leaf paper — forty or so titles to a page — for nearly forty years. About a decade ago, he posted the list on his Web site (which he pays a fan in Levittown to maintain).
Read the rest, and see the list:

The King of Reading (New Yorker)
Art Garfunkel Library

Yes, he's read all of Proust.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, pops.

Speaking of Proust, I just found this and thought of y'all at home:

Your Daughter,

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, Most Thoughtful Daughter!

I will have to speak to the bakers in our family about these madeleines and about where we can find a pan.