Saturday, May 15, 2021

Today’s Newsday Saturday

I woke up thinking I’d better write a post about the Newsday  Saturday crossword. And then I realized that I hadn’t done the puzzle last night. Why? Because we were visiting friends to watch a movie, for the first time in well over a year. The times are changing.

Today’s puzzle is by the Newsday puzzle editor, Stan Newman. It’s a fine puzzle, with room for lowlifes and rowdies and royalty:

5-D, four letters, “Wild bunch.”

28-D, five letters, and 49-A, three letters, “Quite a boor.”

34-A, fifteen letters, “2017 QEII celebration.”

For me this was one of those puzzles in which clue after clue leads nowhere — for instance, 17-A, seven letters, “Paper aide,” or 30-D, five letters, “More than kind.” And then when the puzzle is done, nearly every answer seems inevitable.

Some clue-and-answer pairs I especially liked:

3-D, six letters, “Bread flavoring.” Yes.

8-D, fifteen letters, “Erie Canal Museum city.” We’ve stayed there a few times on road trips — in the city, not the museum.

20-A, seven letters, “They’re in a book of Liszt’s.” Where they’d be Liszted in the index, I suppose.

30-A, five letters, “Evacuation order.” A nice clash of diction between clue and answer.

35-D, eight letters, “Signature collectors’ banes.” Who thinks about these things? Signature collectors, I guess.

38-A, six letters, “Deny or sustain, say.” Not as obvious an answer as you might think.

44-D, six letters, “Milwaukee TV tribute statue in a two-thumbs-up pose.” Not SISKELANDEBERT.

62-A, eight letters, “Subject of an early Tom Wolfe book (1968).” Easy to be misled by the opening letters of the answer, at least if you’re me.

One pairing that doesn’t persuade me: 12-D, eight letters, “Ecclesiastical antonym.” I may be missing something, but I don’t see a contrast. Ecclesiastical matters can be just as 12-D in their focus as any other matters.

No spoilers; the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...




Elaine said...

Stuck in the NE corner despite getting TEMPORAL ( which I agree is off)...... help!

Michael Leddy said...

I think that was the toughest section for me. The 9-A and 40-A combo feels a bit loony to me, even if it’s for real. If you’re really asking for help —

[Spoiler danger ahead]

The “in” of the clue for 9-D doesn’t necessarily apply to a character in stories themselves. One more: as a southern American, you might have an advantage is sussing out 13-D, though I think the clue is meant to suggest formal statements.

Elaine said...

I gave up. Never did make it work with TOLEDO or YEOMEN
And I'm sorry to say your hints didn't help, either. I just want to know what I missed, so I was going to go to the site you had guided me to, for the solution... but now I can't find that ...oh, wait. amuselabs... will try again
Hard to believe I've had a night's sleep!

Michael Leddy said...

Across, it was CELTIC, OVIEDO, and NETMEN. Down, CONAN, EVES, LIT, IDECLARE, COMSOMME. Italo-Celtic is a compound I’ve never seen before.

Elaine said...

Thanks for that. I considered NETMEN and thought, "No one says that." I thought of AVIEDO, which was just plain mistaken.
I got all of the Downs except CONAN, which is the one I needed, but even then it might not have helped.
Can you repeat the link that will get me to the Newsday puzzles? When I use I get a 404 message.
A www. Address takes me to an ad.
Their link takes me to Newsday,, but then a billing screen.
And I can't seem to find the Comment/post where you gave me a link ...
(Getting less competent by the day...)

Michael Leddy said...

Here’s the link: Puzzle Picker.

I’d be happy to pay for the Newsday puzzle, but a subscription to the online paper seems ridiculously expensive. I do plan to buy Stan Newman’s collection of Stumpers if he puts one out.