Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cursive in Maine

The New York Times reports on cursive handwriting in a Maine school:

For years, screens have replaced notebooks, keyboards have subbed in for pens and digital life has revolved around the printed word.

But at a small school in Maine, cursive handwriting thrives, with two students recognized in a national contest last week for their skills crossing T’s and dotting I’s with precise and legible shape, size, spacing and slant.
But it bears repeating: writing by hand ≠ cursive handwriting.

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Anonymous said...

How nice to see that some of us are keeping cursive writing alive! My mother had beautiful cursive and my dad had chicken scratch writing. Hers was great to read and his was an exercise in trying to decipher what the words were!

Writing by hand in pencil is my favorite way to take notes/write lists, etc and unless I misplace the paper always available!


Michael Leddy said...

My dad had great cursive and printing, and my mom still has the same beautiful signature she had decades ago. The kid handwriting in that article is downright scary (!).

Unknown said...

Those children will grow up with a superpower: the ability to write in a code illegible to their peers and many of their younger teachers. It’s not invisibility, but it’s close

Michael Leddy said...

And the ability (as least as their cursive relaxes a bit) to take good notes. : )