Thursday, May 6, 2021

The George Floyd Bunt Staff

Fresca posted a photograph of a man playing a Bundt pan instrument in George Floyd Square. “That’s Douglas Ewart!” I said.

Douglas was playing a “sonic sculpture” of his creation, the George Floyd Bunt Staff, which he describes as “an idiophone comprising tin and cast-aluminum Bundt baking pans whose sonic potential and possibilities are incalculable.” The staff honors Floyd as “the Everyday Hero,” known to and loved by many. As Douglas says,

George Floyd Bunted with his life to open the eyes, and awaken hearts, portals, conscience, intelligence, ire, reprimands, demands, and commands.
Here is Douglas Ewart’s website. Here is his commentary on the instrument and the events that gave rise to it. And here is a short video, with Douglas, Ananya Chatterjea, and Julia Gay playing staffs. Videography and editing by Stephanie Watt.

How do I know Douglas Ewart’s music? From LPs and CDs of course. But also from three performances at the University of Illinois, with Stephen Goldstein, Wadada Leo Smith, and Quasar.

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