Friday, January 24, 2020

EXchange name sighting

[Somewhere in San Francisco. Danger Zone (dir. William Berke, 1951). Click for a larger view.]

Hugh Beaumont exits a Yellow Cab. TUxedo was indeed a San Francisco exchange, as telephone number-cards attest. TUxedo 5-1234 was indeed the number of the Yellow Cab Company. And before that, TUxedo 1234. Here’s an advertising thermometer with the shorter number. And here’s someone who recalls the added 5.

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Anonymous said...

Hugh Beaumont was an interesting actor whose full potential I feel was never perceived or developed. He was handsome in a very manly, mature way. I know this might sound nuts, but there are moments in Leave it to Beaver when he resembles Sean Connery. Beaumont would have made a very convincing secret agent in 60's spyboom films.

Michael Leddy said...

If you can find this movie (I found it on a three-movie DVD in the library), you’d find his performance pretty persuasive, even if the movie itself is awful. There are other early movies of his at YouTube.

zzi said...

I thought it was on TCM, now WatchTCM. If it's the movie I'm thinking about, it made me uncomfortable.

Michael Leddy said...

Might be something else. I think this one is pretty harmless.