Friday, November 29, 2019

The age of “40”

This photograph, a few weeks old now, is as close as I will get to our friendly neighborhood multinational retailer on this Bleak Friday. Or to any store today.

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Chris said...

But that's an old sign. Today it would be revised to include a healthy handful of scare quotes:

Effective 04/03/08, all "customers" "appearing" to be under the age of "40" will be asked to provide "proof of age" by showing "proper" "ID." "Customers" under "legal age" or without "proper" "ID" will not be permitted to purchase alcohol / tobacco "products." This "change" in "Wal-Mart" "policy" is an "effort" on our part to restrict the "availability" of these "products" to "minors."

Michael Leddy said...


I wondered if the sign should have read “39,” an age that might often be at home in quotation marks.