Friday, November 22, 2019

Joe Biden’s stutter

Worth reading: John Hendrickson’s “Joe Biden’s Stutter, and Mine” (The Atlantic ). I knew, vaguely, that Biden stuttered as a child. I didn’t know that his stuttering persists. Reading this article helped me to think about his “gaffes” with far greater compassion.

[An aside: A recent CNN broadcast had Biden on a stage answering questions from an audience. What a difference from his debate performances: he was blazingly fluent.]

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The Crow said...

That article has led me to think of Biden differently, with more empathy, more understanding of the stumbles.

I used to stutter when I was a child, then had some control of it until my late teens and early twenties. During that time, the stuttering would appear when I had to meet new people or when I was very tired, which suggests my problem might not have been stuttering at all. I might be experiencing a return of the devil, though it seems more like age-related momentary forgetfulness (I go blank in the middle of a sentence, sometimes at the beginning).

I'm glad you posted this.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m happy to have shared it (via Ben, who sent a link last night). I’m going to keep it in mind the next time I see Biden in a debate.