Sunday, November 17, 2019

Domestic comedy

[It’s Hallmark season again.]

“Do we have to watch this? It looks really stupid.”

“Can we find something stupider?”

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Slywy said...

The Hallmark Channel is flooded with feel-good Christmas movies. I would love to watch one, really, just to get the idea. But when I tune in, I'm confronted by perfectly dressed, coiffed, and made-up women, no matter their purported economic or social status. It doesn't have to be gritty realism, but I can't relate to the perfection of it all. It reminds me of a mystery movie I saw where the woman/victim was supposed to be an impoverished resident of a run-down building falling apart at the seams in the worst section of town, blah blah blah, and yet it looked better than most regular places I've been in.

Michael Leddy said...

See, it’s the awfulness that I find appealing: the quaint Main Street with folksy shopkeepers (no Wal-Marts here), the beautiful, enormous, yet mysteriously affordable houses, the fetishizing of Christmas traditions, the green trees even in what’s supposed to be winter.

Michael Leddy said...

I just posted something from Holden Caulfield that I think captures the Hallmark fascination: “It was so putrid I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”