Thursday, January 31, 2019

Strunk and Kondo again

The Elements of Style reappeared in the fifth episode of the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The book is a point of contention between Aaron and Sehnita.

“Think you’re gonna use this, or you have the Internet?” Aaron asks. “You got the Internet, don’t you think?”

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Sehnita frowns. And as Aaron pages through the book, she looks away and asks, “Can it be in a maybe pile?”

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That’s the maybe pile, all around Sehnita. She likes books.

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[There must be at least one ex-English major at work on this show.]

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Anonymous said...

I love books! And despite what all the organizing people say -- not everything can be found on the internet! Or it can't be accessed when you really need to do so or the web page disappears or goes behind a paywall.

What is the deal with organizers always wanting to get rid of books?

I grew up with parents who loved books and so always feel comfortable surrounded by them. I look askance at people who don't have books!

And yes I would keep the Strunk and White!

Here is the question that seems to be missing from all of these shows: why are they buying in the first place? To fill a void or because they have access to easy money? Until someone can answer the question, they'll just end up back in the same position.


Michael Leddy said...

You’re right — that question doesn’t come up with Marie Kondo (or at least not yet). The word mindfulness has become a cliché (applied everywhere), but it’s really something to think about with buying stuff.

zzi said...

I must have seen a write up in a week-end paper of Kondo, or is it just serendipity that I know who you are talking about?

Michael Leddy said...

Maybe both? She’s everywhere now, with her show and with news stories about increased donations to thrift stores.