Monday, January 28, 2019

Ink, nibs, and Zip-a-Tone

[Zippy, January 28, 2019.]

In the first panel, Griffy explains: “A chunk of vintage Zip-a-Tone just landed in my hands from 1974!!” He then laments: “One by one, all th’ art supplies of my youth are disappearing!” As Dante Gabriel Rossetti, translating François Villon, asked, “Where are th’ art supplies of yester-year?”

Zip-a-Tone was a brand of screentone, used, Wikipedia explains, “as an alternative to hatching.” Here’s a Zip-a-Tone swatch book. And here’s a blog post with some examples of Zip-a-Tone in comics.

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[Zip-a-Tone? Zip-A-Tone? It’s a lowercase a on the swatch book.]

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Fresca said...

A box of old carbon typing paper came into the thrift store--opening it, I got knocked back in time by the scent.
(Looked it up and you can still buy it, but I hadn't handled any in decades.)

Michael Leddy said...

Wait: carbon paper has an aroma? (It’s been a long time.)