Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Common misspellings

From Oxford Dictionaries, a list derived from the Oxford English Corpus: the hundred most commonly misspelled words.

One of these words always throws me: idiosyncrasy. And when I saw it on the list, I thought, Oh, they’re using British spellings. But no, that’s how the word is spelled: idiosyncrasy, not idiosyncracy. Also spelled quirk.

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Fresca said...

Double consonants often trip me up:
just had to look up "accommodate"---and there it is on the list.

Daughter Number Three said...

I'm with you on "idiosyncrasy." Other words on the list I have to be careful about are "cemetery" and "embarrass." "Pavilion" only has one "l"... not sure I realized that fully. One other word I used to misspell into my late 20s was "lavender" - I thought it was like "calendar."

Michael Leddy said...

Double consonants trip me up when they’re not where I expect them: har[r]assment.

Lavender feels like a word that should have a second a, somewhere. :)