Tuesday, June 20, 2017

White House misspellings and typos

Seth Masket, a former writer for the White House Office of Correspondence, considers the abundance of misspellings and typos in official correspondence from today’s White House. His conclusion: “It’s actually difficult to produce errors like this under normal conditions.”

One that was new to me: “the possibility of lasting peach.”

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Pete said...

Obama's election supposedly ushered in the post-racial era. Now we've moved on, to the post-intelligence era.

Geo-B said...

Progress has slowed to such a point that I consider this the post-office era.

Berit said...

I actually feel scared after having read that article you linked. The politician-prostitute flub is understandable, and perhaps a bit funny if one un-bends for a moment (and after all contains a legitimate alternate spelling of a conmon female name)—though it does reflect poorly on their, say, international diplomatic cultural literacy. But, how does "success" and how do several similar make it out there so wrong? Where is that non-partisan White House career professional? What else which has for all my life, at very least, been so steady in its maintenance and dispatch Is now sloppy and askew? Where are the Nukes? Is someone even now employing the Red Phone as a bookend or perhaps to stake tomato vines?