Thursday, June 22, 2017

Republicans present and past

Astonishing, in light of current events, to realize that it was a Republican president who proposed a national health-care plan “that would have required employers to offer insurance with standard benefits — including dental care, mental health care and a free choice of hospitals and doctors,” with employers paying 76% of premiums after three years.

[Try to guess the president before clicking on the link.]

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Stefan said...

Pretty sure it's Nixon, right? His views on the environment would also disqualify him for membership in today's GOP.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes. Mark Shields is thinking the same thoughts in that column.

Elaine said...

I was aware it was Nixon, too. Too bad he was such a miserable human being in terms of character and relational competence that he could not lead us to those important reforms/programs.
"Of all the words of tongue or pen.....". If I recall correctly, that is.