Thursday, June 15, 2017

La Quiberonnaise sardines

[La Quiberonnaise sardines in extra-virgin olive oil and lemon.]

My friend Jim Koper gave me a can of La Quiberonnaise sardines to try. The can describes them as millésimées, “vintage.” They are the product of a company that has been canning since 1921. And they’re expensive: $9-something a can here in the States, which means that they cost three or four times as much as everyday sardines. They’re excellent. But are they three or four times better than everyday sardines? Not to my taste. Nor to Jim’s. La Quiberonnaise seems to be a case (or can) of diminished returns. But a beautiful can.

Thanks, Jim.

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[Why “three or four times as much” and not “three or four times more”? Because usage.]

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Fresca said...

Fun tin!
I looked up the name--it's from Quiberon, Brittany, as you'll know--near Quimper, where they make Quimper faience which is also outrageously expensive--
Wikiepedia notes old Quimperware is "strongly sought after by collectors worldwide".

"Strongly sought after"--I love that usage! :)

I found many other nice Breton sardine tins too.
I can imagine a worldwide sardine scavenger hunt!

Michael Leddy said...

Quimperware: I had no idea.

I added a link to the La La Quiberonnaise website. They even have limited editions!