Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Orange fabric art

Our friend Jean Petree, who introduced Elaine and me almost thirty-three years ago (is that possible?), drew a doodle, turned it into a print, and voilà: fabric for a dress, straight to our mailbox. Elaine will sew and wear the dress. I will admire her in it.

There must be color, even on a dark day. Thank you, Jean.

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Fresca said...

That's gorgeous!
(If there are any snippets of cloth leftover from Elaine's dress, I know some stuffed animals who would like it...)

THe gift of fabric oranges reminds me, on this dark day, of a poem I posted a while ago,
"Letter to a City Under Seige" by Carolyn Forché, that talks about smuggling "medicine and oranges––oranges!" through a tunnel into Saravejo during the war:

Michael Leddy said...

The leftovers, Elaine says, will be yours.

Oranges are a kind of medicine, don’t you think? As is anything beautiful.

Fresca said...

Yes, and also oranges smell so good!

Red Bear is excited for the leftovers!!!
(She is a patient bear too.)

Jean Petree said...

So looking forward to seeing the dress! I hope it cheers us all up, if possible.

Berit said...

What a thing of beauty--fantastic! Please keep us updated, if you will.

The satsuma oranges I bought yesterday are absolutely medicine.

Michael Leddy said...

Hi, Jean; hi, Berit. Elaine says she’ll be starting soon.

I added this comment to the wrong post earlier — d’oh.

Elaine said...

Aaaaah! Someone beat me to it! I was going to ask about scraps (ever the quilter's quest)... I've been too disheartened to visit the computer that often...trying to work my way out of the funk (assisted by Fall-ing acorns and leaves outside, by the massive reclamation inside--thanks to our indoor flood.) Sigh.

Michael Leddy said...

Fresca, Elaine, I’ve e-mailed you both about the fabric.