Thursday, November 24, 2016

National Sardines Day

It is not only Thanksgiving: it is National Sardines Day. Go fish!

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The Crow said...

What a nice surprise, to learn that sardines are celebrated with a day of their own! The wonderful little guys deserve it.

Pete said...

And millions of turkeys gobble, "Yes, yes!" Happy holiday to you and yours.

Frex said...

Are you having sardines instead of turkey?

Are you familiar with Teresa of Avila saying she "could be "suborned with a sardine"?
"I fully realize that this gratitude of mine is not in the least a sign of perfection: it must be my nature - I could be suborned with a sardine ..."

I'm not sure what she means, are you? I think she means that she would feel indebted even for a sardine.

A here--I also find her quoted as saying,
“If a person made me a present of only a sardine, I would do anything for him.”

I can't find the source of these quotes---will search later (must cook for dinner now).
Anyway, thanks for blogging!
Happy Thanksgiving to you & Elaine, Ben & Rachel!
XO Fresca

Michael Leddy said...

No sardines today. But there soon will be.

Pete and Fresca, same to you. Martha, I got you back in the other post.

Fresca, I made cranberry sauce today too. I think Teresa means that it takes very little to bribe/charm her. But it can also be read as testimony to the greatness of sardines, no? I think the industry may have a new spokeswoman.