Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fifty blog-description lines

Google’s Blogger calls the line that sits below a blog title the “blog description line.” I’ve added a finicky hyphen. For a long time, I had the first words of Van Dyke Parks’s “Orange Crate Art” as my blog-description line: “Orange crate art was a place to start.” In May 2010, I began to vary the line, using some word, phrase, or sentence from a recent post. And I began keeping track. I like looking at these bits of found language. Oh, the things you miss if you’re reading the RSS feed.

Here are the last fifty lines, running from July 2015 to this morning:

“Embedded in a rectangle of snow”
“Definitely feelin’ the summer vibe”
“On hiatus”
“Having boring stuff doing”
“Things unnoticed”
“Fostering innovation”
“Dropping -g s”
“Write, wire, telephone or call”
“Varying degrees of small”
“Go buy some pencils”
“Line, please”
“My faux outrage was real”
“Take that, current events!”
“On account of because”
“I don’t really consider anything trivial”
“Repeatedly, repeatedly”
“He’s in the library”
“That’s it”
“I’m getting vibrations”
“The thrill of the small”
“What the deuce are we all here for anyway”
Enclosed in invisible quotation marks
“Roiling tensions”
“Even so”
“My own grown-up self”
“A trade-last for you”
“One after another after another”
“Just loop it”
“Swing that music”
“Prepare as usual”
“Tends toward the messy”
“Like stationery stores for cheap”
“Milk with the cookies”
“Very deep”
“A container”
“A highly convoluted neighborhood”
“These spaces for rent”
“Finely stitched together with punctuation”
“You must promise to stay here forever”
“Chases dirt”
“Collect them all”
“On the words”
“Getting my Fowler on”
For completists: there are another two hundred and fifty lines preceding these. Yes, “Collect them all.”

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