Thursday, September 24, 2015

On not owning an Apple Watch

Khoi Vinh, on why he doesn’t own an Apple Watch:

Part of the reason why is because I never fell out of the habit of wearing a traditional watch on a daily basis. I own a simple, inexpensive, military-style analog watch with a canvas strap that almost wholly satisfies my expectations for a device worn on the wrist. It tells the time and date and needs almost no maintenance.
But he offers another, more surprising reason: Why I Don’t Own an Apple Watch (Subtraction).

I, too, don’t own an Apple Watch. I have no interest in being tethered to another device (which itself would be tethered to a device). And if I ever even for a moment think about owning an Apple Watch, all I will need to do is look at this image.

[Charlie Rose. Negative reinforcement. I saved it for just this purpose.]

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