Saturday, September 19, 2015

A clever c(l)ue

The Newsday Saturday Stumper is a wonderful crossword, harder on average, I think, than the Saturday New York Times puzzle. Here from today’s Stumper is a beautifully tricky clue. 61-Across, eight letters: “Cue for the tenor, perhaps.” No spoilers: the answer is in the comments.

Today’s Stumper is by Brad Wilber, the co-constructor of a puzzle whose TORME left me more than slightly exasperated a while back. (I still suspect though that the inapt clue for that answer was Will Shortz’s work.)

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Michael Leddy said...

The answer is EMOTICON.

The Crow said...

I would never have gotten that answer from the clue!

Michael Leddy said...

Me neither. I got it from crosses.

(I thought I replied hours ago. But somehow my comment didn’t go through.)