Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Fourth

[“Washington, D.C. Government charwoman.” Photograph by Gordon Parks. August 1942. From the Library of Congress Flickr pages.]

The woman’s name: Ella Watson. The inspiration: American Gothic. You can read more about Ella Watson and Gordon Parks at the Library of Congress website.

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Fresca said...

Those glasses... It's as if Harry Potter had been born a poor black female in the early 1900s, with no magic to make it otherwise.

I've worked as a janitor in my 20s, and I'd say they're the folks who really know what's going on behind the scenes cause they clean up after.

Michael Leddy said...

I wouldn’t have thought of Harry Potter (only Mr. American Gothic), but yes, I see the resemblance.

In my experience, janitors (or building-service workers, as they were called where I worked) and secretaries tend to be better informed than anyone about what goes on. I respect them greatly.