Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dowdy Name loves Dowdy Name

[Henry, July 1, 2015.]

Vic? Damone, Morrow, Tayback. I knew a Vic in high school, a friend’s sister’s boyfriend, a few years older than us. He owned a car and smoked Viceroys, long before they became a bargain brand. It occurs to me only now that perhaps he liked them because of the Vic.

Muriel? Rukeyser and Spark. And cigars, of course. And a Tom Waits song: “Muriel, I see you on a Saturday night, in a penny arcade with your hair tied back.” I’ve never met a Muriel.

Henry and Henrietta are pretty dowdy names too.

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Elaine Fine said...

The first Vic I ever met was Everett "Vic" Firth, who was the principal timpani player of the Boston Symphony and became the household name in percussion circles by manufacturing drum sticks. The company grew to manufacture high-end kitchen gadgets.

"Firth still recalls with amusement his first meeting with celebrity chef Mario Batali, whom he met at Batali’s New York restaurant OTTO. They started discussing what color Batali’s pepper mill should be. Batali was not the big star that he is now, so Firth was unfamiliar with the chef’s proclivity for orange, especially orange kitchen clogs. “He said, ‘Oh, it has to be orange.’

“Orange? Who wants an orange peppermill?” Firth said. “He said ‘Well, I like orange.’ I said ‘Me too, but I don’t want an orange pepper mill.’

“Then he said, ‘Look at my shoes.’

Zhoen said...

I have a new nephew named Henry, so it might be making a comeback.

Michael Leddy said...

@Elaine: Thank you for the Vic, and for the orange.

@Zhoen: The Social Security Administration’s pages about baby names confirm that Henry is indeed zooming up in popularity in recent years. The name is now more popular than it’s been at any time since 1943. (It was at its most popular in the early 1900s.) All best wishes for young Henry and his family.