Friday, July 31, 2015

Proprietary time

When did television weather forecasters begin speaking of time as personal property? Your morning, your evening. Time owns us .


3:14 p.m.: I fixed the misspelling in the title. Ouch.

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MK said...

You may want to change the heading.

Michael Leddy said...

Then again, I may not. But I just saw it, and I do. Thanks.

Stefan said...

Thank you for this and for the iTunes post, Michael. I didn't know that others hated iTunes as much as I do, and I'm relieved that someone else has noticed the "your day" business. If it were actually my day, why would I need to pay someone (indirectly) to tell me about it? And where, dear weatherperson, do you intend to be on my day? Will you be experiencing some other day?

Michael Leddy said...

I think the weather people would remind us that they’re going to be enjoying that great day too! Smiles all around.

I debated whether to post about iTunes, because I realized that doing so would make a new posts-in-a-month record: seventy-five. But the guy’s word carries weight (he was Design Director for the NYT , and I think his criticism bears repeating.

Slywy said...

I've always wondered how Apple, which is usually so good with GUI, let iTunes make it through, and, worse, never made it better even if the original was rushed. I have to think about how to use it, and half the time it doesn't make sense to me. Lately it tells me I can't back up my phone to an external hard drive due to lack of space, but there's space enough. Argh.