Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Then and now


That’s my wife, Elaine Fine, standing outside the Boston Children’s Museum in 1984. It was probably spring. We were being very arty with the black-and-white. Elaine and I were married on September 30, 1984. Holy wedlock, Batman! Or in our case, unholy, secular wedlock, courtesy of a justice of the peace. Thirty years: the best thirty years of our lives.

This past Saturday, after we visited a sewing-machine store and art-supply store in a faded mall, we stood in front of a mirror and took a picture to send to our children. I didn’t realize that the result would be a mirror image of the 1984 photograph.


Elaine has posted a drawing that I made before our wedding.

Happy Anniversary, Elaine!

[May marriage soon be for all partners.]

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The Crow said...

Happy anniversary, Michael and Elaine. I hope the coming years are happier, healthier and more memorable than the ones you're leaving behind.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Martha, and thanks, George.

JuliaR said...

Happy anniversary! I have you beat, having been joined in wedlock by a justice of the peace in 1982. Except for the wear and tear, I don't really feel like it has been 32 years, that's for sure. And I bet you and Elaine don't either. I wish you another 30 years of things just getting better and better.

Berit said...

Umn, wow. I thought that was a recent photo. Are you guys some sort of immortals!? As for me, I was born in the Autumn of 1982, so I look rather different now that I did when you guys took this picture.

I hope that I look just as lovely in 30 years as your wife does now, and also that boyfriend and I (of 8+ years) are just as happy.

Many happy returns to you both. I think this is a lovely season for a wedding. :)

P.S. find any good Supplies on that mall trip?

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Julia, and thanks, Berit. Yes, the time seems to have gone by quickly. And yes, fall is a good time for a wedding.

The only supplies from that expedition: thread and fabric. We learned that short fibers and overdyeing can cause colored thread to jam, so Elaine bought some top-of-the-line thread. (She was thinking that maybe it was time for a new machine.)

Zhoen said...

She's lovely. Good for both of you.

Slywy said...

Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, Zhoen, and thanks, Diane.