Thursday, September 18, 2014

“Some stars”

At Lexikaliker, Gunther reaches for einige Sterne, “some stars.”

The logic of “some” seems to be everywhere. In Homer’s Iliad, action comes in threes: three times Patroclus storms the wall of Troy, three times Hector and Achilles run around the sacred city. Some storming, some running. The fourth time, things change.

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The Crow said...

"Some Sisters..."

In my siblings, we have 'some sisters' and 'some brothers.' I am the eldest of the 'some sisters.'

West of Gettysburg, near where I used to live, there is a village called Seven stars, supposedly named by the father of seven daughters. Just think, had he only had three daughters, that might be the village of Some Stars.

This is fun, Michael!

Michael Leddy said...

I guess you might see those stars on “some enchanted evenings.”