Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Yorker fail

I hope it’s a long time before The New Yorker gives space to another piece as tasteless and witless as this one by Django Gold (to which Sonny Rollins has replied).

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[I’m late to the game. When it comes to reading Django Gold’s writing, never would have been better than late.]

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The Crow said...

Aww...TNY had to know the piece would stir up some dust; wanted it to, even. Maybe their subscriptions are declining, their ad sales slipping. Their after-the-fact explanation came across to me as a half-a**ed throw-away response designed to mollify their incensed readers.

Mr. Rollins' response was cool; class-act material. Going now to find some of his performances on YouTube.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, when you’re selling ads, it must become easy to think that all page views are good ones.

If you’re looking around YouTube, don’t miss “The Bridge” with Jim Hall (from the television show Jazz Casual. But just about anything from Sonny Rollins will be terrific.

Slywy said...

When you have to point out the satire, it's an auto fail. Just know that the New Yorker has probably rejected a hundred better writers.