Thursday, June 5, 2014

VDP on songwriting in these times

Van Dyke Parks on songwriting in these times:

Forty years ago, co-writing a song with Ringo Starr would have provided me a house and a pool. Now, estimating 100,000 plays on Spotify, we guessed we’d split about $80. When I got home, on closer study, I found out we were way too optimistic.
Read it all: Van Dyke Parks on How Songwriters Are Getting Screwed in the Digital Age (The Daily Beast).

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Slywy said...

I've wondered about this. In one way it's good that there's more opportunities for small groups to get their music out there (same with authors who don't appeal to the big publishing houses). On the other, music is so fragmented I imagine it's nearly impossible to make a living at it unless your expectations aren't high. Sometimes I also think in a way it's a shame there won't be any more sensations in the way the Beatles were.