Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mark Trail recycles

[Mark Trail, June 10, 2014.]

Today’s Mark Trail made me think of Bob and Ray and Mark Backstayge, Noble Wife, whose cast members would repeat a key word or phrase in a variety of tones:

“We’re going to the Dry Tortugas.”

“The Dry Tortugas!”

“The Dry Tortugas!?”

“The Dry Tortugas?”
And then the strip made me think of a Specials song: “Where did you get that — blank — blank expression on your face?”

The answer: from May 15’s strip.

[Mark Trail, May 15, 2014.]

It reassures me to see that James Allen, Mark Trail ’s new cartoonist, has preserved Jack Elrod’s practice of recycling old art. Copy, paste, tilt, make slight alterations.


Seeing Mark’s repeating face made me think of Cherry Trail, Cherry Trail, Cherry Trail, Cherry Trail. I had to do it:

[Mark Mark Mark Mark, June 10, 2014.]

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[Mark Trail? Mark Trail!? Mark Trail!]

comments: 4

Slywy said...

Is it repeating art or just one of Mark's four facial expressions?

Michael Leddy said...

Is there a difference?

Elaine said...

Too much time on your hands with the summer break?

Michael Leddy said...

Really, it took very little time. The most difficult part was tilting and resizing Mark’s head to get the two closeups right. I took the Warhol colors from the Cherry Trail quadruple portrait and put the four images together using Fotor. Total time: maybe half an hour. Summer arts and crafts!