Sunday, June 1, 2014

Illinois gets a star

[The Flag of Equal Marriage, now with nineteen stars.]

From “The Flag of Equal Marriage is an evolving protest flag for equal marriage rights in the US. It includes one star for each state which recognizes and performs same-sex marriages.”

The bill that Governor Patrick Quinn signed into law on November 20, 2013, goes into effect today.

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The Crow said...


Anonymous said...

It is true that language changes over time. Please explain the redefinition of marriage from its earlier definition to "equality" for two of the same sex, and why those who advocate this change in definition often do not advocate marriage between three or more.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m not going to debate marriage with you, Anon. But you can see something of my thinking about it in this post and this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links to previous posts. You wrote in the second, "That must mean that same-sex relationships provide some good to society. So why can’t same-sex partners marry?" As you post many notions about language itself as well as the use of language, it is obvious there can be no debate between us. Clearly your use of language indicates that new words like throuples must be included in the logic of your question, though your response shows you unwilling to speak further to the issue. And therefore larger polygamous marriages as well as throuples be defined in "equal" marriage. When this happens, one can agree that indeed marriage is "equal." Until then then half-measure of same sex marriage is linguistically arbitrary, but most assuredly not equal.