Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank you, local news

On the television just now: the local news informs me that salt will work to melt ice but only on treated roads. In other words, if there’s no salt applied, the salt won’t work. Thank you, local news.

Also from the local news
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Slywy said...

Did you see the Conan bit where news anchors all over read the same copy about Christmas shopping? It must have been a press release. I wonder about this.

Michael Leddy said...

No, but I can imagine it. Our local news was in the spotlight a few years ago for passing off stories from the Department of Agriculture as their own work.

Berit said...

What a piece of investigative journalism!

People do regard me as out of touch b/c I have so much of the don't-know-don't-care in me as regards TV (Haven't lived in a house with one since about 2002. I'm 31-an FYI on my generation category. Actually, that is inaccurate. I have an 40"-class LCD screen in my living room hooked up to boyfriend's PC which is just as likely to server as a large display for spreadsheets during household budget discussions as it is content streaming. Not a daily-use item. As I have no digital antenna, it cannot function as a "TV" in the classic sense.)--YET even without the benefit of its edification I know that salt must be applied to a road before its melting properties can work their magic upon it!

I'd like to say I really like your current avatar image. At first glance it almost looks as though you are enjoying refreshments in a posh dining car. :) Furthermore, your sharp attire furthers that atmosphere.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for the compliment. My wife Elaine took that photo in a diner, one of the most beautiful diners I’ve ever seen. But here’s what happened not long after she took the picture. Ugh.

Our television viewing lately has been limited to news, Modern Family, the now-canceled Sean Saves the World, and Lassie (really). The rest of our TV is from DVD — the complete run of Naked City.

Berit said...

I watched so much Lassie as a child; b/c it was on and I was Allowed To.

My interest in Naked City increases with every teasing image which Feedly (ugh, Feedly!) shows me thanks to your chronicle.

Michael Leddy said...

Many more Naked City posts to come. Netflix has some discs if you’re curious.