Monday, February 17, 2014

Orange soda-label art

Howdy was the brainchild of Charles Leiper Grigg, who went on to create 7 Up. Yes, before there was a Seven-Up Company, there was a Howdy Corporation.

I found this label (dented, discolored, slightly torn) in an antiques “mall.” This label spoke to me. It said “Certified Artificial Color.” And then it said “Howdy.” Or “ ‘Howdy.’ ”

Howdy, reader.

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[Or is it orange-soda label art? Your choice.]

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Eric Gabriel said...

Howdy rhymes with dowdy, so you were bound to love it.

I'm a longtime lurker but a first time commenter, Michael. Thanks for running this outfit in such an exemplary manner over the years. It's been a source of pleasure and knowledge on a regular basis.

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, Eric. It means so much to hear from readers who enjoy Orange Crate Art.