Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Naked City smile

[No smile, start of smile, smile, no smile. From the Naked City episode “The Tragic Success of Alfred Tiloff,” November 8, 1961. Click for larger views.]

As Elaine and I travel through the streets and alleys of Naked City, we like to watch for interesting moments in the background. The small crowds that assemble in many scenes are conspicuously mannerly: they stand back and let the police — that is, the actors and crew — do their work. Every so often a pedestrian in motion will stop and stare.

This young lady’s self-conscious smile at the camera is the most enjoyable background moment we’ve seen. And it’s fleeting — there and gone in a fraction of a second. Get back in character, young lady! This is the Naked City.

In the foreground, Jan Sterling and Jack Klugman as Myrtle and Alfy Tiloff.

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Fresca said...

How fun: good catch!

Michael Leddy said...

And think: this is but a couple of seconds’ worth of Naked City. It’s a great show.

Elaine said...

I thought the child was a male.

Michael Leddy said...

I thought so too at first, but the hair behind the ears made me think girl. There’s better evidence though: look at the way the shirt buttons. A boy’s shirt would button the other way.

Elaine said...

Such a good point, except that I have never been able to keep that in mind. Left, right-- I'm never going to get them straight! But I have Up and Down, you can bet.