Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quicksilver fix to close

The Mac app Quicksilver has an annoying (annoying to me, anyway) feature of showing the result after copying or moving a file or folder.¹ I found a workaround by Rob McBroom, a Quicksilver developer. It’s easy to make the change he describes: right-clicking on Quicksilver.app and Core Support.qsplugin and choosing “Show Package Contents” will get you to the necessary file.

¹ If you don’t use Quicksilver, this sentence and, well, this post will make no sense. Don’t worry about it.

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zzi said...

I was going to leave a meesage on previously post saying, "and here I thought you were from NYC"
Thanks for the Drop Box post. I've been dragging my feet.
I keep thinking, I will wake up one morning and find a USB connection on my iPad.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m from Brooklyn originally, so good call.

Dropbox is a great thing to have on an iPad. For writing, it lets me have access to everything I need (links, notes, drafts). I also like having access to files for reference in read-only form (I don’t want Pages or Numbers on my iPad, no thanks).