Thursday, December 20, 2012

Disable Blogger’s mobile view

Blogger blogs of my acquaintance now appear in “mobile view” on my iPad. Google appears to have made the change sans announcement. The change is not reader-friendly: showing a line or two of text per post and requiring the reader to tap on arrow after arrow to read posts makes for a tedious experience. And if a blog has a sidebar, mobile view removes it.

Blogger users: it’s possible (at least for now) to disable mobile view: open your Blogger account, click on Template, and have at it. Blogger readers: you can read on a mobile device in the old-fashioned way by changing the extra info that ends a mobile-view URL: change /?m=1 to /?m=0.

To my eyes, the column of text and pitchers that is Orange Crate Art looks great as is on an iPad or iPhone, and I’m keeping it that way as long as Blogger allows.

[From my template page: mobile view is disabled.]

The tap-per-post format wouldn’t be designed to increase page views and ad revenue, would it? Google wouldn’t offer an inferior reading experience just to make more money, would it?

[If you use an ad-blocking extension in your browser, you might not know: Orange Crate Art has always been an ad-free blog.]

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