Monday, December 17, 2012

Hi and Lois watch

[Hi and Lois, December 17, 2012.]

Hi Flagston today reprises a role he performed on February 9, 2009, that of the stingy landlord who sends up a miserable nickel’s-worth of heat. Shame on you, sir, for making your tenants wife and children freeze. In 2009, Hi joked about checking the price of oil before raising the thermostat. Today, facing Lois’s anger and condensed breath, he jokes that “It helps to get all hot and bothered.” Listen up, Hi: if you don’t change your ways, things are going to get a whole lot colder in your house, and they’re going to stay a whole lot colder, especially in a certain room of your house, if you get what I mean, and I hope that you do.

The good news here is that the workers on the Hi-Lo line have figured out how to construct a classic Honeywell thermostat. Compare:

[2009, 2012.]

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