Friday, December 30, 2011

Television antennas and other relics

Diane Schirf is remembering relics. The latest: television antennas. And previously: letters and mailboxes, “the one-color, non-sticky postage stamp,” and mail chutes.

[Yes, antennas. Garner’s Modern American Usage: “When the reference is to insects, antennae . . . is the usual plural. But when the reference is to televisions and electronic transmitters, antennas is better.”]

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Slywy said...

Ha, in my Christmas letter this year I was writing about a photo I took of a hummingbird/sphinx moth hovering over a plant, saying it was like a little fairy with antennae. I'm glad I got it right, although I can't articulate why I get it right. (I found this old post through Google Webmaster Tools, btw.)

Michael Leddy said...

I’d have to look that one up too.

Speaking of letters — I got yours. Reply to follow.